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888 roulette games

All players at our casino know this popular game. 888 roulette games are attractive and easy to play and, with simple rules and some good strategies you can be the winner.

Best paying 888 roulette tables

The super stakes roulette is considered the highest paying 888 roulette game, as the max betting amount is $200,000, which means that winning a $200K’s in a one-time bet is real. In the Lightning Roulette as well you bet starting from $0.10 up to $10,000.

roulette table

Playing roulette at 888 casino

First of all, you should know the rules when you start this game. The table includes numbers from zero to 36, numbers that are colored (red and black). Roulette begins with the player’s bets/stakes. The dealer throws the ball and the roulette spins and also he says that all the bets are over. The ball will stop in one of the roulette numbers and who bet on that one won.

Types of stakes on the game table 

Here are Interior stakes & external, also might be other possible stakes combination. The Outside Stakes are placed on certain numbers even or odds, red and black colors, first, second or third dozen. The internal stakes are directly on one of the numbers or more numbers.

Rules of the game

whether you want to play European, American or French Roulette the rules are almost the same, the differences are due to having an extra double zero pocket in the American version, here is a quick review on the general roulette rules:

  • the moment you placed the stake
  • the moment you need to stop betting
  • You should know how to obtain the chips and how to determine their value

What strategies can we use?

While you are playing roulette online it’s possible to use a lot of strategies to increase your winning chances.

  • “MARTINGALE”. Here the odds are 2. As an idea in roulette online to bet on a color is a good choice , same thing is if you bet on even/odd number. Even if you will lose at the beginning, keep betting the same(odds 2) but increase your stake (make it double) and you can do this till you will win. The best point by doing this is that a single winning bet makes up all your previously lost bets and this way helps make a good profit.
  • D’ALEMBERT system, here the risk is lower even if we bet basically on odds 2 as in the Martingale system. So let’s suppose you bet on the winning color. The idea of this system is sooner or later 4-5 winning bets in a row by using the same color may come, but keep in mind after a winning bet might be increased the chance of losing the next bet and opposite. 
  • “FIBONACCI” System of betting. The good point here it’s  the bets are at odds of 3, and you decrease your bet size after you win and this system might be an advantage to recuperate your losses.
  • The system “LABOUCHERE” here is a stack of 20 numbers, the first bet will be equal to the sum of the first & last number. If you win that bet then you will be able to delete 2 numbers of it from the stack, and then continue till you will delete all the numbers in the same way. So the target its to delete all the numbers from the stack, but to generate profit you should have 33.34% winning bets

888 roulette games online

There are plenty of roulette games here starting with European versions, American & French till 3 D roulette,Lightening and Mini version. The European roulette is the popular one with 37 numbers 0-36, casino advantage 2.5%. About the French version, the casino advantage here is low, and player winning chance is high and if you know to use the rules “La Partage” and “En Prison” is a good point too. American Roulette is a little bit different than others because the structure(symmetrical wheel) has 38 numbers (1-36) and double zero (00)and this means the winning chance of the player gets low. Mini Roulette, its little bit rare version it has 13 numbers from 1-12 and the casino advantage is 7.69% and that’s why you should play it for fun not to make big money.