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888 Blackjack

Blackjack is a popular casino game all over the world,the objective is to have a better hand than the Dealer without accumulating a score higher than 21.

How to play blackjack at 888 casino?

This casino game it’s full of joy and easy to play.  Into a game participate up to 7 players plus the Dealer. Blackjack games begin by giving cards to each player and the dealer, and everyone receives initially 2 cards. But the dealer turned face up only one of his cards. The cards of all players will be turned face up on the table, in this way everyone can see what cards other players have. Every player wishes to have a better hand than the dealer without accumulating a score higher than 21. Each playing card has a value: The “Aces” value is 1 and 11, the cards Q, J, K  value is 10, and all others from 2-9 have their real value. So after the players received the cards they have many betting options.

Available betting options

When you play blackjack you have multiple betting options. First option is called “Hit” and you can use it whenever you want and this is the moment you can ask for another card.

The other option is “Stand” which means you keep cards till the end because you are close to the score of 21

The third option is “Double Down” here you receive another card and you cannot ask for additional cards later. 

The last betting option is “Split”and you can use it when you have 2 identical cards. Of course, there are also other options for betting called “Side bets” this means you can bet on the hand of another player.

Tips for winning blackjack

You must know when to use “Double Down” options bet (for example: Double Down 10 when the dealer has an Ace or 10

Is a good point for you as a player to know when to request a card and when to stop(wait to see dealer’s hand and you will know if you won or lost).

Small detail here but important for blackjack game is the number of card packs and with a single pack, it’s easy to calculate your winning chance. Many packs mean an increase by half advantage for the casino.